Our Services

We provide a full range of services to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pet's ocular concerns. Examination is performed in each case using slit lamp biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Further diagnostics may be used during the examination, including Schirmer tear testing, fluorescein stain, and applanation tonometry (to assess intraocular pressure). Depending upon findings, further testing can include:

  • Corneal or conjunctival cytology (microscopic evaluation of cells gently sampled from the ocular surface).
  • Ocular ultrasonography to evaluate structures and disease processes inside and behind the eye.
  • Electroretinography to evaluate retinal function and disease.
  • Blood pressure measurement in cases of suspected hypertensive ocular disease.
  • Streak retinoscopy to evaluate refractive state (near/far sightedness).


The Animal Eye Clinic is proud to provide state of the art surgical services, some unavailable elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Surgical services include:

  • Correction of eyelid abnormalities (entropion, ectropion, tumors).
  • Liquid nitrogen cryotreatment for removal of eyelid tumors and abnormal lashes (distichia, ectopic cilia)
  • Surgical replacement of prolapsed nictitans gland (“cherry eye”).
  • Microsurgical corneal procedures to repair injuries, remove foreign objects, graft ulcers, remove tumors, or address corneal sequestrum.
  • State of the art cataract procedures using phacoemulsification to remove the opacity and intraocular lens implantation to replace the lens.
  • Suture-fixation of lens implants following lens removal in cases of lens luxation.
  • Vitreoretinal surgery for the repair of retinal detachment.
  • Laser treatment for the management of glaucoma, intraocular tumor, and retinal diseases.
  • Surgical glaucoma procedures including endolaser cyclophotocoagulation and Ahmed drainage valve implantation.
  • Surgery to remove the eye when necessary, with placement of orbital or intraocular prosthesis to improve post operative appearance.